Pure Numb Tattoo Numbing is the only artist owned & developed tattoo numbing company in the market, specializing in 3 different types of numbing applications!

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"I have to say that I am beyond ecstatic with pure numbs product. My girl lasted through an entire leg tattoo last night (4.5 hours) with no crying in the least. She in fact was playing her switch the whole time. I tried all three products and they worked well. I strongly recommend this product."


Stephen Hecker - Tattoo Artist

But does it actually work?

Absolutely amazing product, I have hundreds of hours of tattoos the old fashion way. NOT ANYMORE getting a tattoo is nice and relaxing now. AMAZING PRODUCT


Nathan Burnside - Google

Loved & Trusted by Artists!

Pure numb cream was great for taking the edge off the pain. The 1st 2 hours of work is pretty numb, but as it wears off, the spray is critical to extend the numbing session. Last session I used Pure Numb was a five hour session. I will continue to use for my next piece.


Rick Moses - Google

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you guys use packets and not tubes like other companies?

Great question! We originally started with tubes, but quickly found out they are not the best packaging for our products! They unfortunately have the ability for air to leak into them and it ruins the potency of the cream and it's effect. Once the tube is open the entire product should be used and not saved. That's why we offer TWO 5g packets in each box totaling the weight of our old tubes (10g) so you won't waste any product on smaller tattoos.

Is this safe to use?

Absolutely! All of our numbing products were designed with the artist and client in mind! They will not affect the skin while being tattooed or affect the healing of the new tattoo!

I just placed an order, how long before it ships?

As long as the order is placed before 12pm MST it will ship same day in most cases, excluding weekend and holidays! We ship priority with USPS and anything over $49.99 is FREE shipping!

You also have the option for expedited shipping through UPS (If Available)

Will my tattoo hurt when the numbing wears off?

Unfortunately, since we've been asked this so many time we figured we would address it upfront. The answer is YES, you just got a tattoo.. when the numbing wears off expect to feel some sort of pain from your new & fresh tattoo.

How do I know this will work for my skin?

Short answer is, you don't and neither do we. Everyone's body type is different and while we have a 99% success rate in numbing the skin, there are a certain amount of people that don't experience the same level as numb as others.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do! If you are a Supply Shop, Tattoo Shop or Artist and want to carry our products wholesale, click here.

We also offer distribution pricing in certain locations. If you're interested in becoming a distributor please email us at